Financial security when your family needs it most

Death or the loss of a loved one is something that most prefer not to think about and yet it is an integral part of life. According to the latest mortality statistics provided by Statistics South Africa, approximately 460 000 deaths are recorded in South Africa each year (2015).

Yet studies have shown that most South Africans are grossly underinsured. A recent study done on behalf of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa has shown that the insurance shortfall for the average income earner is more than R900 000 for life cover and over R1.1 million for disability cover. That means that most South Africans would not only face the emotional turmoil in the event of a breadwinner’s death but would have to deal with the financial worries that come with it.

“Many choose to believe that we would never find ourselves in such a dire position, but unexpected tragedies do happen. Our only defence is to ensure we have adequate financial protection in place for when we need it most,” says Johan Scheepers, founder and primary insurance broker at Northern Natal Insurance Brokers (NNIB).

Contact NNIB today to discuss the right life insurance policy for you or review your current policy. We’ll help you to make sure your family is financially secure when they need it most.